... all that i have

I don't want to live
for what's supposed to come after.
I don't want to give
to the momentum of disaster.
So I walk along in secret
not revealing what's underneath.

I don't want to hide
everything I've found.
But I wont give that
to just anyone hanging around.
And I refuse to capture anything
in fear of keeping something inside.
Although it's not that easy
it's just one of those things that keeps me alive.

All that I have is nothing.

I don't want to feel
that darkness is my friend.
I find myself alone again.
But as winter's on it's way
I feel like I'm the one that's left behind.
Although I'm not the kind of person
that would even seem to mind.

All that I have is nothing.

Copyright 2009 Jon Swift
Recorded at Mango Tree Studios, Hawaii
Jon Swift: guitars, vocals, bass, drums & shaker

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