... anything you need to know

my friend, you can't start over,
you've done what you done.
it's smoke in the wind.
no end and no place to begin.

you could tell me all your secret stories about the stones that you throw.
but it's enough for you to come here to me at this hour.
who are all the shady people around you you're claiming to know?
don't you know eventually all of that will grow sour.

but that aint anything you need to know.

my friend, you can't give in.
you've got to fight it.
it's all on the line.
time is slipping and sliding.

you're just a young kid on the verge of meditation
under scientific rocket ships above, blazing.
you shouldn't listen to all the doer-goods confident and saying,
"aint mediocrity quite amazing?"

but that aint anything you need to know.

my friend, there's no end
that we will ever get to.
i can be by your side
even when i'm not anywhere around you.

i see that you and i have even gone and tried to build a bridge over the ocean
i'm standing on my side shouting, "i still believe you!"
ever since the Renaissance nobody has put their full trust in the muses.
but even the mind can build you up to deceive you.

that aint anything you need to know.

Copyright 2003 Jon Swift.
Recorded at Rico's Bistro and the Pink House.
Jon Swift: acoustic guitar, electric guitars (strats), and vocals.
Eric Warner: electric guitars (teles) and slide guitars.
John Fowler: bass.
Austin Wrinkle: percussion.

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