...don't help

How do I kill mercifully
all the folks I used to be
for one more shining chance at life?
Iíve never favored hand-me-downs,
Iíd rather stand on my own ground
even if that causes pain and strife.

I know what youíve come to do
I know you think you know whatís true
I know you think itís best to build a wall.
But even though our lives are dust,
it mostly matters what you trust
second to only if you trust at all.

I know nobody knows the way.

So donít help me up.
And donít help me down.

Iíve tried the suit, Iíve tried the job
Iíve tried the loans to have it all
I know what it means to be anchored.
But I was born to live at sea
with nothing out in front of me
where my trials are absorbed without rancor.

Now Iíve seen how you can be,
Iíve seen how desperately
youíve summoned all your evil power.
So why donít you leave me now, why donít you leave me how
god intended wildflowers:

always open and far away.

And donít help me up,
And donít help me down.

Copyright 2012 Jon Swift
Written by Jon Swift
Recorded at La Casa, Byron Bay, Australia
Jon Swift: guitar, vocal, & backup vocal
Jesse Siebenberg: bass, percussion, lap steel, harmonium

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