...falling or flying

Sun on your face, your arms on the horizon
Wind on your dress, tight to your form.
And your senses like dťjŗ vu magic Iíve never known.
But youíre so afraid of the ground below.

I donít know if Iím falling or flying.
Really doesnít seem to matter much now.

I turned my back when loved turned away from me.
I went to the hills where no one I knew would be.
And the sun filtered down like whispers through the trees
as if I was somewhere Iíd already been.

I donít know if Iím falling or flying.
Itís too late to matter much now.

Copyright 2012 Jon Swift
Written by Jon Swift
Recorded at La Casa, Byron Bay, Australia, & Ojai, CA
Jon Swift: guitar & vocal
Jesse Siebenberg: bass, drums, backup vocal, & synth
Neal Casal: electric slide

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