... far away message

my long lost brother called out to me,
saying, "not even god can hear my plea."
and, "i fear the man who calls my name
'cause i know he'll send me back to that cave."

"it's a long way from home," he cried.
"and there's nothing left for me on the outside.
the thoughts of my little girl make me cry.
i spend all my time asking why."

"i'll be a long time away
'cause i don't kiss the feet
of the men who hold my fate.
they want me to surrender who i am,
but you know i aint that kind of man."

he was a southern man.
he's just another man
who can run,
but never learned to stand.

Copyright 2003 Jon Swift.
Recorded at Rico's Bistro and the Pink House.
Jon Swift: acoustic guitar and vocals.
Eric Warner: electric guitars and slide guitars.
John Fowler: bass.
Austin Wrinkle: percussion.

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