... ghost world

the day broke through the window
like golden drapes on a ghost.
then i gazed out to the busy street
where there were zero souls at most.

i'd love to hunt you down and steal you
but i know i've got to wait.
'cause what i want don't mean nothing
in the face of fate.

you should crush a man with boulders
before you leave him on his own.
i used to love a girl so young
that she didn't even know.

now i'm just a middle aged man
working like a mule.
i can't help but think something's wrong
when people being used like tools.

Copyright 2003 Jon Swift.
Impromptu take at Rico's Bistro.
Eric Warner: electric guitar.
Austin Wrinkle: percussion.
John Fowler: bass.
Jon Swift: Shaker and vocals.

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