... moving along

Some people think I'm downright lazy.
I guess I would be if I let that phase me.
I'm just moving along I don't know where I'm going.
Leaves me a day late and a dollar short of knowing.
But sometimes what I see is enough for me.
A cool breeze through a tree and some food to eat.
I've tried to live my life complicated.
It just leaves my body weak and my mind jaded.

If you accept that we don't know,
Then you're going where I go.
And although we're all alone,
I may see you there.

I often find it quite hard to relax
In a world so seemingly oblivious to all the facts.
Who says that this world is their's and that they own it?
We can all live together and we would had our ancestors known it.
All my feelings of safety in numbers are gone.
And on the whole, I'd rather feel like I don't belong.
You know I don't need much to keep me going from day to day.
Although, sometimes it seems that's all being taken away.

I'm just taking it one day at a time.
Nothing is your's and nothing's mine.
And everything seems fine,
At least today.

Copyright 2001 Jon Swift.
4-track home recordings circa 1998
Jon Swift: all instruments and vocals

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