... old dark road

i went out hunting the streets this morning in the cold
ive tried but I still have not forgotten
the old dark road
that were traveling
the content are fast asleep
while the restless writhe and reach
for what they see

blazing a foot trail to the mountains for gold
but neither stones nor hearts are timeless
on the old dark road
that were establishing
the treasures of our feats
must go tumbling down ravines
and back to the sea

the remnants of our departure have been ravaged and sold
im stuck between moving on and turning back
from the old dark road
that were handling
the engine that keeps us on
is a fascist oppression of everything
born free

Copyright 2010 Jon Swift
Recorded at The Barn and Brotheryn Studios
Jon Swift: guitars & vocals
Todd Hannigan: baritone guitar & backup vocals
Fernando Apodaca: violin
Jesse Siebenberg: drums
Sam Bolle: bass

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