... pale rider

yesterday i saw footprints under the bridge
there were shadows on the ridge
silence rose with the sun
the beginning had already begun

whistling hollow sounds
pale rider's back in town
i heard he's got something to show
his hair's down to his nose
and his shoulder covers his face

i heard he's got some place back over the hill
with no room left to fill
and rambling is on his brain
while time moves just the same

i think this town is on the verge
of losing faith in the silent word
the world aint ever going to revolve
around a mystery that can't be solved
about a man who's out of place

Copyright 2003 Jon Swift
Recorded at the Pink House and Rico's Bistro
Jon Swift: acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitars, shaker, harmonica, and vocals.
Eric Warner: electric slide.
Austin Wrinkle: percussion.

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