...ramblin' river song

The river rambles now and then
from the alpine peaks high above the canyon.
The trees are tall from the ground
to the sky that glows around
the ultraviolet green in the high meadow.

Iíve come to see the ancient face Iíve always seen.
Rambliní river wash me clean.

The river rambles now and then
where love is left and lost to love again.
Only wind can hear me weep.
The dirtís not dead itís just asleep
like the millions of souls in natureís ghetto.

Where I stop to hear and see
all lost thoughts come back to me,
the archangel of orphaned men,
the river and I ramble now and then.

The river rambles now and then.
Off the cliffs the icy gowns descend.
Water pulls me from my mind,
laws and rules are left behind,
I cannot turn my back on beauty.

Over rocks and skin the flowing crystal weaves.
Rambliní river make me breathe.

The river rambles now and then
over hearts severed by ambition.
Wandering down the trail,
the sky begins to wail and
lightning cracks ominous sounds unduly.

Duck beneath the rain and wind,
stumble down the river bend,
for to perish or reach the end.
The river and I ramble now and then.

Copyright 2012 Jon Swift
Written by Jon Swift
Recorded at La Casa, Byron Bay, Australia & Ojai, CA
Jon Swift: guitar, vocal, & electric guitar
Jesse Siebenberg: bass, drums, pedal steel, & piano

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