... running away

i've been looking at your sweet lips,
painted on the rim,
wide eyes, hair ties
and delicate skin.
we spent the night alone again.
our ties came undone.
you ran off in a panic
before we ever saw the sun.
i can't imagine any other place
you would rather go to.
you were running away,
and i had to let you.

i saw you at the concert
dancing the night away.
i sat slumped on the balcony
wondering how it got to be this way.
i drove home alone again,
the night gone in a flash.
i can forget about it for a little while
but i know it will be coming back.
you know i wouldn't mind it
if you would use me a little bit.
you were running away,
i was standing on the road getting hit.

i got back to the grind stone,
grinding everything away.
can't remember what i was telling
myself but i think it's better that way.
all gold is fool's gold,
it aint got no use.
can't make things like they were
or get me any closer to you.
it's a very narrow line
and either side is doom.
you're still running away,
that's all there is left to do.

Copyright 2003 Jon Swift
Recorded at Rico's Bistro and the Pink House.
Jon Swift: acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitars (strats), and vocals.
Eric Warner: electric guitar (tele).
Austin Wrinkle: percussion.

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