...stand with your lover on the ending earth

There is no belief.
To those distant and gone:
we are related, like the star to the stone.
I'm the shore pulled away
a jagged, vacant bone.
I'm not the beacon, I'm the foundation where all has grown.

And the Earth is ending into the sea, unknown.
And the dark canvas is melting behind our tiny home.

Here the light descends,
and all far-off thoughts end.
But I will not forget, the razor edge, this cavern that I have known.

If not mine, then my brother's or my kin's
where everything ends and begins.
This is ours, our very own, on the seacliff where I was born.
The dark canvas is melting behind our tiny home.

Copyright 2008 Jon Swift
Recorded at the Ferdinand Cottage
Jon Swift: guitars, vocals, bass & tambourine

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