... what i gotta say sometimes

I'm not the kind of guy gonna listen to what you say
I probably wouldn't believe you anyway.
I know that you don't like all the things that I do
Probably 'cause they're not the things that you're telling me to.
If you feel the situation getting a little strange.
Well I suggest you leave 'cause it ain't gonna change.

And I'm not sorry for not saying sorry for the things I've done.
I'm not gonna apologize for being stupid, just like everyone.

I'm not the kind of guy gonna believe in something to believe in something
So you can stop all them words that your mouth is mumbling.
You see, I'm the only one who can set myself up for a fall,
'Cause actually I'm content not having anything at all.
So don't let me disappoint you just like all the others
'Cause I ain't gonna be your boyfriend, and I ain't gonna be your lover.

I do what I gotta do and I hope that you understand.
Just the fact that I was born tells me I deserve to be right where I am.

Copyright 2001 Jon Swift
4-track home recordings circa 1998
Jon Swift: all instruments and vocal

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