...you & me

You want to know why we are floating out on the ocean
where birdsongs swell a lonesome memory.
In your pocket is a crumpled piece of paper
where you wrote your promises to thee.

See the milling towns and restless country,
the right and wrong bright shades of sun.
The afternoon is almost over for you, the only one.
Out here it's just you & me.

I know you were made to see yourself a hero.
But everything you've conquered is real.
You've stepped into the virtual arena
where we neither interact, nor feel.

The hungry world was not born to listen,
though pastures of stories are growing tall.
There's a vault inside of every garden and a wound in every vault
keeping us from you & me.

Your eyes are shining like the glassy, swollen ocean
where waves of longing have rolled by.
It's too late to speak about illusion
or talk of questions why.

Before I leave and float out on these waters
past the plains and the great unhuman rift,
do you see us as together out here adrift.
After all, it's just you & me.

Copyright 2008 Jon Swift
Recorded at the Ferdinand Cottage & Brotheryn Studios
Jon Swift: guitar, vocals, piano, shaker & clave
Leah Thompson: backup vocals

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